little fighter julian war is a popular film of little fighter

the character is:

the main characters:

davis:a boxer that is best friend with woody.his power is dragon

woody:woody is a fighter with tiger power. he is the prontagonist of this film

dennis:a kungfu person who is the master of kicking.he is the little brother of rudolf and big brother of jack

louis:a knight that betrayed firzen and join woody and the other to fight julian

rudolf:a ninja that are befriend with woody,davis,monk and later dennis.he help the other to save louis from julian

monk:the only one monk that save when firen and freeze attack a group of monk.he is the strongest monk on woody's army of monks.

julian:the antagonist of the film after firzen defeated.he is king of all demon.

knight 1:a guard keeper of julian and firzen's castle.he tries to escape and betrayed julian but the boss knight won't ket him go.

knight 2:a lazy knight on julian's army. he want to get a holiday instead of betraying julian.he said to knight 1 that if he got escape,julian will find him and cut his head.

armored tyrannosaurus rex:a t-rex that attack the city.he held a minigun and a knight armored along their body and head.he tries to find julian castle but he just find jan's castle and almost destroy it.but henry,three sorcerer and a blue sorcerer try to defend jan's castle but failed.and he does not appear at the rest of the film

armored dragon: after the armored tyrannosaurus rex gone, an armored dragon also attack jan's castle and take jan.henry,monk,rudolf,and louis try to stop him and the dragon had gone to far. he also not appear at the rest of the film.

henry:an elite guard on jan's castle.

other character:

boss knight:commander of all knight

boss justin:only appear on the oppening.

jan:a queen at jan's castle and lost after a dragon take her.

firzen:cameo at the first.

jack: a worker at jan's castle

mark: a worker at jan's castl

sorcerer:sorcerers are elite guards at jan's castle.

john:a commander of the sorcerers.

deep:john's best friend that only appear when john fight the armored t-rex before the t-rex come to jan's castle

hunter :hunters are elite bandits that try to steal money of louis and dennis.

bandit:bandit are seen when liso fighting louis at a forest.he is seen hiding behind the trees.he is not evil at this film.

dr.beorn:only appear at the oppening

liso:an elite knight at julian's army

justin:demons like julian but they are smaller

knight 3: a knight that help 1 and 2 to escape from julian's castle

mentioned only:

bat:mentioned by henry that he dreamed meet bat again after his death

firen and freeze

armored demon:mention by julian that he has seen an armored demon when he is at the hell