John is a magician. He has a good mix of defensive, offensive, and cosmetic skills.

Special AttacksEdit

Energy Blast Edit


Energy Blast
Used by: John
Cost: 15 (mp)
Input Method: D + ► + A

Description: A purple energy ball to hit a target at a range.

Energy Disk Edit


Energy Disk
Used by: John
Cost: 50 (mp)
Input Method: D + ► + A

Description: This enemy searching disk knocks almost every enemy down in it's path.

Energy Shield Edit


Energy Shield
Used by: John
Cost: 20 (mp)
Input Method: D + + J

Description: Shield that blocks attacks and reflects energy blasts for a short period of time.

Heal Edit


Used by: John
Cost: 70 (mp)
Input Method: D + ▼ + J (self)
Input Method 2:

D + ▲ + J (others)

Description: (Self) This spell heals your own Health a little.
(Others) This spell creates a sparkling field which heals somebody who walks into it.

Something about john:-

John do not have many attacking shots, but he can help other team members very effectively either using his defencive capabilities to block enemy atttacks or giving heal to recover health. You may not like him at first but if you take interest in him you can feel that he is very powerful and you get pleasure by playing him.

Here are some combos of john:-

1) A+A+A+A+J+A

2) A+A+A+A+D>A

3) A+A+A+D>J

Note:- John's shield is the most powerful defensive shot in the whole game. None of the attacks in the game can pass it except enemy characters if they touch it. You can use it in tag team combos/moves.

John shield combos:-

1) If henry is performing sonata of the death then create shield below enemies. The strongest player Julian also get a big hit from it.

2) If louis is performing whirlwind throw then get on the either side of the louis around 7-10 walking steps and create a shield.

3) If your opponent is woody and he is doing teleport many times then its the best idea that you create a shield in open space wheather there is enemy in sight or not. Because of creating shield, sometimes woody get caught in shield by directly teleporting on the shield. You can create two or more than two, where one is in opposite direction from other.

4) You can create shield at appropriate location like behind (if thrown), below (if falling) whenever an enemy is thrown or falling by another big hit.