Rakib, also known as Henry. He uses a bow which shoots a wide variety of arrows and a flute which sends enemies floating into the air. Henry is considered a strictly ranged character, lacking any sort of attack at close range. He provides vital support for melee fighters, especially when he sends multiple enemies into the air with his Sonata of Death. On his own, Henry is also more than capable of shooting down enemies from a safe distance. 

Special MovesEdit

Dragon PalmEdit


Dragon Palm
Used by: Henry
Cost: 30 (mp)
Input Method: D + ► + A

Description: Creates a powerful force of invisible energy to push back multiple enemies.
Dragon Palm is one of Henry's many ranged attacks, capable of knocking back multiple enemies in one blow. It is very similar to the more powerful Phoenix Palm belonging to Louis, except that it can only blast in one direction. The Dragon Palm is not only difficult to block or dodge, but can also intercept many incoming projectiles, including John's powerful energy disk. 

Multiple ShotEdit


Multiple Shot
Used by: Henry
Cost: 30 (mp)
Input Method: D + J + A (+ A...)

Multiple shot does exactly what the name suggests. Henry shoots multiple arrows instead of one, which fan outward to cover a wide area. This move can be used at near range to deal a powerful blow to an enemy, impaling their bodies with multiple arrows. Otherwise, however, its limited range and lack of piercing make the multiple shot an unpopular move, since moves such as critical shot clearly have a greater attack range. 

Critical ShotEdit


Critical Shot
Used by: Henry
Cost: 40 (mp)
Input Method: D + ► + J

Description: Fires a single charged arrow that pierces multiple enemies at once.
Arguably one of Henry's most powerful moves, critical shot is noted for its ability to cut through swathes of enemies in a single blow, if aimed correctly, that is. Few moves can counter the piercing capability of the critical shot. Simply blocking might risk getting knocked over anyway, thus dodging might be a more viable option. Certain moves such as Louis' Phoenix palm and John's energy shield are noted for their ability to destroy the critical shot. 

Hnery's critical shot is also thought to be the basis for Shawn's Phoenix shot, from Hero Fighter, a sequel of sorts to LF2 created by Marti Wong. 

Sonata of the DeathEdit


Sonata of the Death
Used by: Henry
Cost: 70 (mp)
Input Method: D + ▲ + J

Description: Henry plays his flute, causing all surrounding enemies and objects to float into the air, taking damage at the same time.
Henry plays 5 simple notes, causing all nearby enemies to float into the air. While graceful and to some extent powerful (enemies cannot block this move), the Sonata of Death is somewhat limited by its low damage. Since the sonata is an area attack, it is particularly useful when Henry or his friends are being mobbed by enemies, although Henry cannot get out of the way of projectiles while playing his flute, making him vulnerable to being interrupted. 

While in the air, enemies take small amounts of damage as they float helplessly. Objects such as boulders and crates also lifted into the air can knock against enemies, causing further damage. Certain moves, such as Davis' Dragon punch and Freeze's whirlwind can cause additional damage to enemies in the air. At the end of the sonata, enemies are sent falling to the ground with an extra bump of damage. 

Enemy killed by Sonata of the Death doesn't contribute toward kill count