Piash also known as Deep is a Swordsman

He is the crowd favourite, the roar from the crowd is tremendous when he brings out his sword to deal a final blow. Although openly arrogant and boastful, no-one knows his motives for fighting in the tournament.

Special MovesEdit

Energy BlastEdit


Energy Blast
Used by: Deep
Cost: 15 (mp)
Input Method: D + ► + A

Description: A powerful blast from the sword, but disappears after a distance.
The energy blast is conisdered Deep's only ranged attack, and a limited one at that, showing that Deep is purely a melee fighter. By swinging his sword, Deep can repeatedly release C-shaped energy blasts that cut through enemies, which are not easily blocked. 

Deep's energy blast is hypothesized to have inspired the air blade move by Lucas, Leo and Eason in Hero Fighter. 



Used by: Deep
Cost: 15 (mp)
Input Method: D + ▼ + A

Description: This move can be used to hit all enemies who are very close to you.
This move that sends enemies flying into the air is a classic example of how Deep is a combo-type character. After striking the enemy, Deep can choose to finish it off with another strike, a leaping strike, or even simply a jump attack, following up with a series of energy blasts. Powerful damage, but a heavy mana-drainer. 

Leap StrikeEdit


Leap Strike
Used by: Deep
Cost: 15 (mp)
Input Method: D + ▲ + J + A
Input Method 2:

Strike + J + A

Description: If your enemies are jumping, this attack will send them flying back down to the ground.
The leap strike allows Deep to deal a heavy blow to enemies from above, especially the annoying ones that like jumping around a lot. Cheap in terms of mp, and just like all the other moves, able to reflect projectiles while attacking, although Deep may be interrupted halfway through the air.

Dashing StrafeEdit


Dashing Strafe
Used by: Deep
Cost: 30 (mp)
Input Method: D + ► + J

Description: This move is excellent to attack a group of enemies in your path.
Someone on the receiving end of Deep's dashing strafe is probably going to find themselves several metres from where they were. The dashing strafe repeatedly cuts and bounces the target through the air, picking up any other enemies that happen to be in the way. Being a near-range sword attack, Deep's dashing strafe is incredibly difficult to block and excellent in slashing apart a group of bandits.